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I am inadequate but he is sufficient!

Friends Far and Near!

Knowing My Savior Jesus for the last 31 years of my life, I pictured David who faced a literal giant named Goliath. I often paint the picture of the pagan giant and the paralyzed army. What if my seemingly giant-sized problems are ultimately not the issue?

Several years back, I almost died for not renouncing my faith in India. Thrown down from a mountain cliff assumed dead. The Lord fought my battles, I was rescued and saved by HIS blood. I learned that Jesus Christ gave me a meaningful life by giving me wisdom as I turned to HIM in humility and he gave me a gift of forgiveness instilled in me as a virtue.

Today I look at both Humility and Forgiveness both lack as virtues in our Leaders in Lansing, Washington and in our local Counties, it is disregarded. Rather there is arrogance to the core and Display extreme hatred to the Fellow Americans/Constituents.

Folks, Integrity, Honor and Morality comes only by electing Servants of God, who let God first to be their driving force. Not Self Interest. Clothe yourselves with humility ... for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.


For me America is still the greatest Nation I’ve ever lived. God bless this Nation!

God bless Michigan. Get right with God!

His Servant!

Namrata Carolan

Christian Author/ Speaker

Bible Studies Teacher

American Patriot

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