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Namrata & Patrick

Yes Why us? It can be very confusing with so many firms out there. But know we are different. We take time.


Dr. Namrata Carolan 

Our job is to build leaders.

We are focused on churches, businesses and even non profit. Our mission is to help lead with a focused mindset. With Christian principles as our organization’s foundation, our consultants will guide you according to what is best and what will work better for you.


You are our Priority

There is not a single gain by providing you a disservice. So you are our main focus and priority.


We will help you implement the solution you need

The solution to a problem, a lot of times its exciting to know of the solution but the difficult part is executing them positively. Well, here at CCG we work with you on one to one basis. Our consultants take time to provide you with the leadership coaching you need. We deliver real success and positive change.


Strong Relationships and Connections

Whether its the Church, a business or a non-profit, our clients are not done after the contract has ended. Because of trust we do see they come back for advice, prayer requests and even bounce back some ideas of team infrastructure.


We are the experts and only hire expertise

As you can see every member is highly credentialed and Public Servant before a leader. A well respected God fearing leader with extensive experience in the professional expertise. Just remember you as a client are far too important to entrust to someone who is inexperienced and unproven. We do believe good consulting practices make clients more at ease than burdened with a price tag that wont show results.


Services can be modified and customized

We work with you and for your organizations need. No two entities are alike and therefore our team of experienced consultants customizes services for you.



 What is our Servitude and Value?

“For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ”-Ephesians 3:14


We serve a mighty God who wants us to serve with gratitude and morals. We want to build values-based businesses, nonprofits, and churches, through Biblical teachings and principles, so our mission is to provide every individual, company or group of men and women no matter what age the highest level of personalized service of coaching regardless of size or budget. The satisfaction of our clients is a test of our success in advancing their spiritual growth, skills in leadership and mentorship and lastly effectiveness in regards to their individual life. 

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Patrick Carolan

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