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Our services and the many  resources can be used in many different settings including succession planning, pre-hire screening, team fit and team building, transitions and career coaching, leader evaluation, and overall organizational health of a firm even a church. These services are proven tools to help leaders and teams learn and grow.


We help with pre-hire screening, team building, employee transition and career coaching, leader evaluation, and overall organizational health. We use tools that are used to help leaders and teams learn and grow.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching is designed to help leaders improve performance, accomplish positive change, and personally grow. Through feedback from assessments, input from managers, educational resources, and the expertise of our coaches, we will help you or your staff members examine strengths and develop leadership skills. Depending on your unique context, our coaching process typically includes assessments, customized coaching plans, and regular coaching meetings. Individual coaching has proven to be valuable in assisting good leaders in advancing their skills to become even better, helping transition staff members, and helping to improve the performance of staff members who are not succeeding. Leadership Team Coaching focuses on developing the individual team members while improving the collaboration and communication of the team as a whole.


We work with each client’s pace. Our process enables the following: • Develop and Strategy, the teams and we plan out a working strategy of the health of the organization. • Segregate into groups: We will work with you to create a plan for the organization and/or a coaching plan for the leader(s). • Implement the solution: We will help provide you with planning and will coach on communication, problem solving, and any other obstacles you may face as you work towards effective implementation of the solution to go into effect.


We are trained to help with developing a job description, assessment screening, interviewing, determining organizational fit, and on-boarding the new team member. We will help Developing and maintaining appropriate compensation packages. We can assist providing a performance review for your leaders to receive honest and constructive feedback, delivered in a confidential manner.

Stress Management

Training Session called “From Stress to Solutions”. This interactive session delivered by us is 2 hour training session on understanding the nature of stress, contributing factors to stress, your personal stress levels, and tools to improve your well-being. And the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have compounded this. Stress is a silent epidemic that has a measurable negative impact including: • Decreasing organizational performance and effectiveness • Contributing to 60% of all illness and disease (Stress in America) • Furthering relational conflict in the workplace and in the home.

Team Building

Team Building: This interactive training delivered by one of our experts will look at your team dynamics and focus on effective communication, constructively managing conflict, and team synergy. It will serve as a valuable tool in helping your team better understand one another as well as where there may be imbalance. We are providing organizations with an opportunity to invest in their team to improve collaboration, communication, and performance.

Business Consulting

Our coaching is designed to help leaders improve performance, accomplish positive change, and personally grow.

Church Consulting

Every church is different but we understand churches! We have served churches both small and large, from a variety of affiliations throughout the U.S. and Canada. One of our Consultants has been deeply into groups outside of the United States touching non Christians life and turning to Jesus. We get how ministry works, how church leaders think, and what they feel. Our consultants have personal experience leading ministries as well as advanced educational and professional training. We share the three strategies of Listen, Learn and Lead. We help you implement it.

Handling Crisis

Most organizations are uncertain how to lead with wisdom and integrity during such stressful times, but we can help you make wise decisions and guide your ministry back to health. We can help with experienced sounding board for your leadership, guidance to staff, creating a short-term crisis management plan to stabilize the ministry and assistance in developing a communication plan.


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Dr. Namrata Carolan

CEO/Director, Senior Consultant

Dr. Namrata P. Carolan (AKA Namoo) is the Senior Consultant of Carolan Consulting Group and serves as the CEO/Director of the day to day operations. Dr. Carolan brings experience in the areas of communication, speech and language, leadership building, organizational and team infrastructure, decision and strategic analysis through Biblical Principles. Dr. Carolan is an International Public and Motivational Christian Speaker, she is an Author of two published books, Counselor and a Biblical Studies teacher. She earned a Doctor of Theology and Divinity in 2022. She holds a degree majoring in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois. She holds a degree in Speech and Language Pathology, India, specializing in Family and Children Counseling. She specializes in early years development and helps with childhood trauma and recovery. She works with Children and young adults all over the United States of America, Europe and Asia.

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