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To me Communism is absolutely the worst form of government ever conceived on earth!

Above is the symbol of communism. I survived the CPI as a young girl ( Communist Party of India) I could run in my sleep. I dreaded this everyday. Lord Jesus has held me to this date along with my husband Patrick Carolan who has helped me in this long journey. Thank you is not enough.

So let me share to all you haters and angry folks out there. Today Virginia State legislations vote down a bill HB1816 requiring schools to teach the dangers of communism, claiming it would incite anti-Asian hate.

Moms should be looking through what is being taught in schools. I do it everyday with my 3 children. I for one would like the Communism 101 & 102 which should absolutely be taught in our school educational curriculum. A Bill like this is long overdue in Michigan because communism is responsible for the deaths of millions as we know. As for me, surviving communism I am shocked to see our younger generation prefer communism and socialism, over free market capitalism. I blame the failed school system. As a Christian wife and mom I would like my children know the evils of communism and socialism. Hypocrites and teachers’ unions Stop blaming the systemic racism for all unequal outcomes in America!!! PLEASE!! Educate the children on what Communism does. Teach the facts!!

Let’s get right with God!!


Namrata Carolan

Author/ “A Pilgrims Cross- Resurrecting the Broken Soul in America”

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